Contact Form

Contact Form

The Contact Form allows you to capture basic contact information from site visitors as well as provide access to assets or gated content. In order to use the Contact Form you need to specify its settings:

Offer - The header which will be displayed above the contact form. It should be a call to action which explains why the visitor should fill out the form, and what they will receive in return.

Response - The response which will be provided to the contact. Usually this will include a link to an asset or page where the contact can obtain the information they are looking for. It can also simply include a message thanking the contact for their inquiry, and that you will follow up with them soon.

Delivery - delivery of the Response can be via Email, Browser, or Both. If you want to ensure a contact enters a valid email address then you should choose Email. if you would like to provide the contact with an immediate response without requiring them to check their email, the Browser is appropriate. If you want to provide both immediate feedback as well as an email then choose Both.

Recipient - an email for the person in your organization who should receive the contact information

Contact Form Settings

The Contact Form will ask a visitor for basic information including Name, Email address, and (optionally) a message explaining why they are contacting you.

Contact Form

An email will be sent to the Recipient defined in Settings containing the details provided by the contact, as well as information related to their past activities on the site.

Contact Form Email