Oqtane 5.1.2 Released!

5.1.2 was released on May 28, 2024 and is primarily a stabilization release. This release includes 68 pull requests by 9 different contributors, pushing the total number of project commits all-time to over 5300. The Oqtane framework continues to evolve at a rapid pace to meet the needs of .NET developers. The 5.1.2 release is available for download on GitHub.

Who is Oqtane Labs Inc?

Oqtane Labs Inc is an independent software provider that is responsible for maintaining and supporting the Oqtane open source project. It's mission is to provide the services and infrastructure to foster a prosperous commercial ecosystem which enables entrepreneurs and developers to deliver modern digital solutions to consumers world-wide.

Oqtane - CMS & Application Framework for Blazor and .NET MAUI

Blazing A New Trail

Oqtane Labs Inc is pioneering the use of Blazor and .NET MAUI, revolutionary new development frameworks from Microsoft that let you build interactive web UI using C# instead of JavaScript. The Oqtane Framework supports Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly, and Blazor Hybrid hosting models.

Open Source

Oqtane Labs Inc has 20 years of commercial open source experience and has successfully launched multiple commercial open source products and ecosystems. Oqtane Labs Inc is a proud supporter and stakeholder in the .NET Foundation.

Cross Platform

Oqtane Labs Inc has 10 years of exeperience developing .NET Core applications for all major enterprise IT platforms. It has successfully delivered solutions for web, mobile, and desktop using the latest Microsoft technologies.


Oqtane Labs Inc is a strong advocate for modular architecture, an approach which provides a flexible integration fabric for efficiently building and deploying composable enterprise applications.

Let's Talk!

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